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Community Composting

With the help of a number of grants we are setting up community composting and kitchen waste collection on the allotment. 

We are giving people a kitchen caddy with biodegradable bin  liners. The 'ask' is that they collect uncooked fruit and vegetable waste and return this to the allotment, preferably without using road transport to do so.

We have bought two Hotbins which rely on bacterial action in aerobic conditions to break down the food waste much faster then occurs with 'normal' composting. 

We are setting up one bin initially so that the empty bin acts as a control. After one week the temperature in the bin we are filling is 20   C higher than the temperature in the unused bin.

when the weather is warmer and composting is faster will will both increase the number of participants and the range of food waste we take in.

How does a Hotbin work? This will be explained in the blog.


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